Mike Sherman was born in Missouri, and has been raised around auctions all of his life. He began to help local Auctioneers when he was in high school. After graduating from school he attended the "World Wide College of Auctioneering " in Mason City, Iowa where he graduated in the top 10% of his class. He then returned home and continued helping any local Auctioneer who would let him work. He began to do a few auctions on his own, slowly growing into a small family business. He became a full time Auctioneer in 1984 and began to take Government Contracts to fill in his weekdays. This has turned into a very busy full time job for the whole family and staff. We now try to base most of our auctions in the state of Missouri only to limit travel time away from the kids. Mike is a Missouri State Auctioneer and has been since 1984. Mike generally does governmental, college, cities, counties, conservation, hwy. Dept. etc. during the week whenever possible and household, real estate, and private business on the rest of the weekdays and some weekends. We use computerized record keeping for each and every auction. This allows printouts of almost anything you need, after the auction you receive all information needed about your sale. Dollar amounts and facts of check & cash accepted are included. You will know everyone attending and feel confident that all was kept track of to your satisfaction even if you are not the only seller at the auction. All of the computer work is handled by Tami Sherman, who trained in cashiering before working with Mike. We have the best computer program available on the market today, and we guarantee to live up to our excellent reputation and be everything you need us to be. You will have a hard time finding any other Auction Co. in the state of Missouri selling more items or dollars per year than we consistently do. Each sale is at a unique location and merchandise is privately or governmentally owned. We do not conduct sales for consignment barns on a regular basis, we are too busy. There is very little merchandise he has not sold at one time or another. If you are looking for a dependable Auction Co. to handle your sale, please contact us at auctbymike@centurytel.net or call (417) 872-6404 or (417) 882-4256. Mike is a dedicated Auctioneer, business man, family man and will work as hard as possible for you. 25 years in his own business makes him dependable for you!!
Mike currently carries the Auctioneer License required by the State of Missouri. This license authorizes any auctioneer working for us to work auctions in the State of Missouri.
Mike has been the Missouri State Auctioneer for the past 24 years. He carries a degree from the "World Wide College of Auctioneering". We focus all of our attention to the auctions inside the state so as to be more specialized and have a better Missouri database for these auctions. 
Our hours of operation are unending. All phone lines forward to our home and we will deal with business anytime, anywhere as is reasonable
 email: auctbymike@centurylink.net   Phone: 417-924-3125
MIKE    417/872/6405 *** TAMI   417/872/6404
Newest addition to the family business!!